013 – Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

MSCLVR Interview Series #013 w/ Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

Nick Lippman is a partner at Lippman Entertainment where he’s involved in the management of great Artists and bands like Matchbox 20, Ryan Cabrera, and Rob Thomas.  He’s figured out a way to be a full time manager, ever present husband & father, and if that weren’t enough to fill most people’s days – Nick is very active in the technology scene advising and investing in young companies through a separate entity called Ava Jade – the middle names of his two young daughters.

For the 3rd time in our relatively short podcasting history we take the MSCLVR podcast outdoors and this time we were joined by Nick Lippman on the rooftop of my building here in Hollywood and I have to say – 360 views of LA are pretty fantastic backdrop for any interview (though you will hear the occasional LAPD helicopter and a bit of background noise but hey, it adds character!)

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012 – Ben Lister, Music Industry Guru and CRO of Startup, Haawk.com

MSCLVR Interview Series #012 w/ Ben Lister, Music Industry Guru & CRO of Startup, Haawk.com

In this episode we bring the MSCLVR to the great outdoors again!  My good friend and fellow music lover, Ben Lister invites us to his beautiful backyard on a sunny, breezy afternoon in LA where we learn about Ben’s passion for odd instruments (which we feature live here) as well as his journey from a young music label guy at the beginning of the digital music revolution, his involvement in the launch of iTunes while at Warner Music, and of course the path that brought him from London to the US where he now resides with his lovely family.

Boy does Ben love music! Ben studied music at the University of Westminster in London and was savvy enough to turn an internship into full time gig as the Head of Digital Media at Warner Music Group in London back in the early 2000s. Luck would have it that, at this early stage of the mp3, Ben would be directly involved in the initial partnerships with Apple and subsequently the launch of iTunes!

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MSCLVR After Dark – 001- Despacito

MSCLVR After Dark #001 Despacito

In this episode I am joined by my friend, co-host, and MSCLVR producer – Tyler “the Hitman” Carey and we have a bit of fun in this episode discussing some new music, some of the today’s music news and we pretty much ran the gamut in this one ranging from Soundcloud’s latest financial lifeline to R. Kelly – yea – R Kells is in the news again – oh, and of course – Tyler graces us w/ his own interpretations of Despacito .

In between our obsession w/ Despacito we also talk about my friend Kim Viera’s new single “ Gold Lining” – it’s dope, you will be happy – go listen here : https://republic.lnk.to/KimVieraGoldLining .

Oh – and we are about get social (yea..revolutionary, right?) – follow us on Instagram @getMSCLVR .

011 – Betty Tran, Former Head of Mktg Insomniac, DanceOn, “Bawse”

MSCLVR Interview Series #011 w/ Betty Tran, Former Head of Mktg Insomniac, DanceOn,  “Bawse”

We are only on episode 11 but I am going to declare that this one will be a long time favorite of mine.  Betty Tran is a force of nature – born and bred in LA – Betty rose quickly in the world of music and digital media and she will not be stopping any time soon!

Betty has been an executive marketer at DanceOn, Insomniac, and Live Nation and is currently splitting her time geographically between Austin and LA while splitting her actual time between a few different “hustles”…all of which are in partnership with power players in their respective fields.

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010 – Andy Stack, YouTube’s Former Head of Creator Technology & COO, Arcturus Studios

MSCLVR Interview Series #010 w/ Andy Stack, YouTube’s Former Head of Creator Technology & COO, Arcturus Studios

Andy StackIn this first ever MSCLVR podcast recorded outdoors we join Andy Stack on a breezy Friday afternoon at his home in the Hollywood Hills! Andy is a man of many talents and wears multiple hats within the worlds of video technology and music.

He is a drummer, serial entrepreneur, a Wharton MBA and, was instrumental in making sure YouTube’s technology to a place where Labels/Artists could get accurate reporting and payments to the tune (pun intended) of 10s of millions of dollars!

Andy takes us through his experiences building Creator-focused features and fostering a community of Musicians and Artists on the YouTube platform as well as the exciting new opportunities he is pursuing in the wild west of Virtual Reality through Arcturus.

All the while you get to listen to the birds (and occasional LAPD helicopter) in the garden of Eden that is his backyard overlooking the Hollywood Hills. #goals

You can find Andy on LinkedIn here .

Keep tabs on what Andy is up to with Arcturus and The Alchemy!



009 – Chris Donohue, VP Business Strategy at See Tickets – Tickets Here!

MSCLVR Interview Series #009 with Chris Donohue, VP Business Strategy at See Tickets

In this week’s interview we got to visit the See Tickets LA office to chat w/ Chris Donohue – entrepreneur, advisor, and former manager of Weezer among other notable bands and achievements.

When most people think about ticketing I imagine they primarily think about printing barcodes on paper but the business of ticketing is far more nuanced due to its broad demand, the competitive landscape, and the technologies that drive not only scalable ticket delivery but the array of services (and opportunities) that new technologies (e.g. AI chatbots) are having on the way we consumers will learn about and acquire tickets to the shows we escape to for entertainment.

Chris’ story takes us through a timeline of music and tech collaborations that includes references to fax machines and blackberries while simultaneously peeking into the future of dynamic ticket pricing and digitally ubiquitous ticket consumption. I learned a lot but I get the feeling we’ve only scratched the surface here…ENJOY!

You can find Chris on Linkedin here .

MSCLVR After Dark – 000 – Into The Darkness

MSCLVR After Dark #000 Into The Darkness

In this week’s episode your host Davin Riley pours you a glass of wine and helps you slip into something more comfortable. Why? Because why not…

The MSCLVR Podcast will continue to feature more great interviews with outstanding individuals changing the landscape of music technology but in this new “MSCLVR After Dark” series Davin will be lounging w/ special guests and co-hosts to bring you the latest music news in a way you’ve never quite heard it before 😉

With this intro episode you get a taste of what’s to come and we think you’re going to like that taste so much you might never look at your iPhone quite the same way again…nor your Android. You get the point.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest trends in music and music tech – we just took things up a notch…by the fireplace….with soft music…ok, I think the picture’s been painted. Enjoy!

008 – Nick Yeeles, CEO and Cofounder of Peg.co – Influencer Marketing in the Music Industry

MSCLVR Interview Series #008 with Nick Yeeles, CEO and Cofounder of Peg.co

Nick YeelesIn this week’s interview with Nick Yeeles we discuss the power of “Influencer Marketing” and it’s impact on the music industry today and where Nick thinks it’s heading…and fast!

Nick cofounded and leads a lean team of product developers based in London and their mission at Peg is to shift $1 Billion currently spent on traditional media to the pockets of independent content creators – often referred to as “Influencers”.  These Influencers are typically making a living thanks to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Musical.ly, etc and because these social platforms are so interactive the audiences enjoy a certain level of “access” (or perhaps a perception of access) to their favorite Influencer(s) engendering a level of trust that earns them that broad label “Influencer” for their influence over their fans (particularly their purchase behaviors!)

Peg is building the “LinkedIn” for the professional world of Influencer collaboration and it might be surprising to some that music labels, and even platforms like Spotify, are already beginning to rely on these Influencers to help break new music, new Artists, and even established Artists in new markets – and we are only really scratching the surface on the creative entertainment possibilities when brands, music labels, Artists, and Influencers begin to collaborate at scale!

BONUS – Marcie Allen of MAC Presents and Taylor Bennett – The Story of Music and Brands

Bridging the gap between music and brands with MAC Presents

Photo credit: Derek Garlington

Marcie Allen, President of MAC Presents (music experiential agency , bridge gap between corporate gap and music industry – (bio)), and musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist Taylor Bennett (bio), join “Fashion Is Your Business” podcast hosts  Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco for the most applause-laden interview in the show’s history on location at Subculture in New York City. This live audience episode is powered by Peerspace and features music by Casey McQuillen.

Representing the deal, a seat at the adult table, and a market for authentic stories

Photo credit: Derek Garlington

Allen reviews her “Southern belle debutante sorority girl” roots, being raised by two grandmothers, attending sixteen schools before fifth grade, then how she started her first company at 25, being a storyteller and solid salesperson, having knowledge on both sides of the music industry, being in music industry representing the deal, and how bad deals aren’t authentic or tell a story. The importance of paying it forward, measuring ROI in music/brand sponsorships, and how fashion brands are being introduced to entertainment marketing and mass consumer marketing. Allen’s creative things used in repertoire to bring allegiance, consideration of the music industry’s album sales being down, how 10 years ago no one wanted to do a sponsorship in music, and now music artists have a seat at the “adult table”. How a deal with Billy Joel and Citi was of value even though he didn’t need the marketing, how a deal like that can move the needle in a variety of ways for an artist, tracking metrics and how brands can measure success, lifting sales and getting press, how Imagine Dragons’ deal with Southwest Airlines produced a billion press impressions, and whether musical artists are celebrity influencers. How much of sponsorship with musical artists is the cool factor, how music is one of the most powerful ways to connect with consumers, and the Urban Outfitters partnership with Taylor Bennett for Pride Month happened because he came out as bisexual, and how that was so authentic. Consumers can smell through non-authentic sponsorships, the return of cassettes, and what’s fascinating about artists.

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007 – Nick Alt, CEO and Founder at VNYL – Curated Vinyl Records

MSCLVR Interview Series #007 with Nick Alt, CEO and Founder at VNYL

In this week’s interview w/ Nick Alt we learn about the life of a software engineer turned CEO with a passion for music and how his hunger for new challenges drove him to start VNYL (“vinyl”) – a monthly subscription service that personally curates vinyl records for each member using their Spotify account! (other platforms like Soundcloud and Instagram, too).

VNYL members select a genre playlist (called a “#vibe”) to receive new vinyl records based on their specific music tastes and digital listening preferences. And as if building a successful subscription business was not enough of a challenge – the VNYL team has also created the first wireless turntable (aptly called “TRNTBL”) that streams high-quality audio to your Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay devices, or Sonos speakers.

Nick is a super genuine guy and he definitely has his finger on the pulse of the future, independent of (or perhaps coinciding with) his appreciation for the “old” music medium.

You can check out the VNYL subscription service at http://vnyl.org/ – use coupon code MSCLVR to get $10 OFF your first month!

And if you or a loved one are in the market for a sleek, futuristic record player – you won’t be sorry if you head over to https://trntbl.co/ – doooo eeeeeeet!

Nick can be found on LinkedIn – you can also find him at @nickalt on just about every platform that matters 🙂