053 – Mike Schiano, Co-founder, SongMeanings.com


MSCLVR Interview Series #053 with Mike Schiano, Co-founder, SongMeanings.com!

SongMeanings.comThis episode of the podcast is featuring Mike Schiano – cofounder of SongMeanings.com – one of the largest and longest standing lyric websites with a focus on community conversations around what song lyrics mean to you, the listener!

I love this conversation with Mike for quite a few reasons but I will just list these 3 and you will be able to infer the rest I trust when you hear the conversation :

1 – Mike and his co-founder Brian Adams began working on Song Meanings back when they were in high school and this business (with all of its successes and pitfalls) has been at the core of a life long friendship of two partners who operate remotely but remain conjoined by their passion for what they have built…it resonates with me personally because my partner in MSCLVR.com and I have a similar story.

SongMeanings.com2 – Mike, for the most part, is a self-taught software engineer…combine that with the fact that he had enough discipline in high school and through college to stand up a business (one related to music no less) that, in many ways foretold of two phenomena that would eventually dominate the Internet – it’s worthy of acknowledgement.

3 – The phenomena that Mike and Brian tapped into – perhaps too early – were “Social” (before the waves of Facebook, Twitter, etc) and “User Generated Content” (ahead of the rise of sites like YouTube)

Mike is on LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-schiano-2326442b/

Check out Song Meanings : http://songmeanings.com/

Referenced in the show –  “The Outline” interview w/ Mike : https://theoutline.com/post/2199/the-story-of-songmeanings-the-best-lyrics-site-on-the-internet?zd=1&zi=ruqatoef

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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052 – Phil Butler, Michael Tom – Radiate!


RadiateThis episode of the podcast features Philip Butler & Michael Tom – cofounders of NYC based startup Radiate – creators of an iOS and Android app aimed at connecting new friends and enhance the experiences of music festivals-goers around the world!

This was an interview well worth the wait for me – this conversation took at least 4 attempts over just as many months to make happen primarily due to shifting schedules and at least one occasion where we showed up ready to record to a locked studio (definitely my fault…as if you needed me to tell you that!)

These young entrepreneurs are hungry and their energy for their product and audience  is palpable. We’ve discussed the impacts of technology on the live show and festival scene in many of our conversations on this show but this is the first time we’ve had product owners and founders sharing their stories.

And that’s not the only “first” to speak of.  

RadiateRadiate is quite like the first ever tech startup (or at least music tech startup) whose origins can be traced back to the playing w/ swords.  That’s right – these founders met each other as young competitive fencers which, you know, naturally would lead to them moving to New York City to found a tech company to enrich the festival goer experience…right?

OK enough reading – these guys tell some hilarious start up stories here so get to listening!

Without further ado…Philip Butler and Michael Tom from Radiate!

Philip Butler on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-butler/

RadiateMichael Tom on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-tom-66848b79/

Download the iOS app here : https://radiate.app.link/jnj5FvHrPC

Download the Android app here : https://radiate.app.link/h1kaw9RtPC


Check them out : https://www.radiatetheworld.com/

MSCLVR After Dark – 005 – Mo’ Data, Mo Problems with Monica Zhang

MSCLVR After Dark #005 Mo’ Data, Mo Problems with Monica Zhang, Music Attorney

This After Dark episode is featuring Monica Zhang – San Francisco based Music and Entertainment Attorney and, if we get our way, future host of her own segment or show under the MSCLVR podcast umbrella!

This was recorded during this year’s SXSW – Monica’s first – and she was kind enough to join us sharing insights from some of the music panels she had attended  particularly the “Mo Data, Mo Problems” panel which seemed appropriate as she was our live audience member to the interview w/ Sung Cho from Chartmetrics, which, if you dig music and data you should absolutely listen to as well!

Monica has got a great personality and brings a unique tech + business law perspective to the After Dark conversation having previously worked at music tech startup Loudr (which recently was sold to Spotify).

I am shamelessly trying to get Monica to join us and host a show so don’t mind me lol – so you never know – if you like her voice then you may be in luck! We’ll keep you posted 🙂

Follow Monica on Twitter @monicazhang

Check out Taryn Southern’s music referenced during show : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RhLXep_730

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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051 – Jon Leonardo – Tanz Festival Group

MSCLVR Interview Series #051 with Jon Leonardo, President/Co-founder, Tanz Festival Group!

InstreamaticThis episode of the podcast is featuring Jon Leonardo – President, Co-founder of TanZ Group – a live festival production group that operate a variety of music festivals in Los Angeles, Miami, and Cleveland…so if you frequent any of those cities make sure to follow Jon (links below).

This is a great episode – I mean, they’re all great – but this one is great for a few unique reasons. Jon Leonardo brings a levity to conversations that just makes them fun.  Despite his propensity to crack a joke – when you meet Jon you can tell that he is deadly serious about his business which any good entrepreneur or business person will ultimately recognize and respect.

He is in the music festival business so he is in the business  of fun – addicted to putting out fires and creating amazing experiences – Jon was born to do this.  He is an Artist himself (paintings, murals and such) and that creativity comes through in the way that he and his team design the Tanz festival experience.

In this episode we learn about Jon’s early age entrepreneurism, Tanz’ recent expansion through acquisition, a forthcoming Tanz podcast which undoubtedly will include lots of beer consumption, and if all that isn’t enough – Jon hits us off w/ some pretty killer Dad jokes…what’s not to love?!?

Without further ado…Jon Leonardo, President and Cofounder of Tanz Group

Jon Leonardo is on LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonleonardo2/

Tanz festivals here : https://www.tanzproduced.com/

050 – Stas Tushinskiy – Instreamatic


MSCLVR Interview Series #050 with Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Founder of Instreamatic!

InstreamaticThis episode of the podcast is #050 featuring Stas Tushinskiy – CEO and cofounder of Instreamatic – a San Francisco based startup that are at the bleeding edge of instream audio advertising – pioneering the first class of voice-activated advertising which could have a very meaningful impact on your streaming music experience and the music industry as a whole!

So first off – I have to thank Stas again for recording with us in less than ideal audio recording conditions – we were at SXSW and our “studio” for the day a bar/lounge called Rainey Social – and while the atmosphere was quick cool I will admit that the acoustics were – let’s just say – challenging at times 🙂

I am sure most listeners will be able to tune out the SX/Austin background noise and Stas handled like a champ. He is a startup CEO from Russia born in the former Soviet Union so I’m sure podcast background noise doesn’t rank high on his “things that perturb me” list.

InstreamaticNevertheless – I appreciate Stas for that and of course for sharing the story of how Instreamatic are at the forefront of an audio advertising revolution to be – this is a potential breakout year for the company so don’t be surprised if you or your Alexa loving friends are are interacting w/ audio ads by using your voice (as opposed to click of your mouse or finger on touch screen) – all perhaps naturally integrated into your listening experiences on Spotify, Soundcloud, or any other application or environment where audio is the primary medium.

It’s a green field opportunity and I personally am excited to see how Artists eventually adopt this technology to tease new music, tour dates, or really whatever …the audio ad can now help you simulate a conversation w/ Beyonce…are you grasping the import of this??

Ok … enough out of me – let’s get into the conversation w/ the CEO of Instrematic – Stas Tushinskiy!

Check out Instreamatic : http://instreamatic.com/
Stas is on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/stas-t/

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr
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MSCLVR After Dark – 004 – Podcast Polymathery


MSCLVR After Dark #004 Podcast Polymathery

PolymatheryThis episode of the podcast is featuring Me.

That’s right me, myself, and I. Juuuuuust me. Yay.

“Procrastination is effectively delegating to the future you” – Me.

So today I wanted to do something a little bit different and in some ways go back to the roots of why I am even on this microphone right now, why this podcast ever came to be.

I am a jack of all trades – always have been and presumably at this stage of my life I shouldn’t anticipate that changing in any meaningful way – this by no means is a brag – statistically speaking many of you listening to this right suffer from the same “master of none” stigma  – a word of advice- especially to our younger jacks and janes – if that is how you are wired – don’t change bc I doubt you’ll be happy if you do – my advice (for what it’s worth) is to resolve to work tirelessly to achieve mastery in a few areas (just one won’t be enough for you so wake up early and get to it!) and then be ok w mediocrity in the rest –

PolymatheryI remember feeling a sense of satisfaction when I first learned the meaning of the word Polymath – for the unfamiliar or uninitiated – a Polymath is essentially a fancier, Greek derived word for a Jack of all Trades…

I won’t butcher the Greek language here but in effect the original word means “having learned much” and I believe the English word polymath is generally reserved for people known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems…

So why do I tell you all this?

Well – I do so because it’s core to today’s episode.  Why we, and more specifically, I do this podcast. Even as I contemplate that now I realize that the depths of that question “Why do this podcast” could possibly take hours and actually like will so I may just break this up in bit size chunks and release them every once in a while unless you guys tell me to stop, which, by the way you are more than welcome to do!

But before I go on I have to confess something very important!

PolymatheryI am currently sitting on a few unedited interviews from SXSW and under different circumstances I would be releasing one of those today but – hey, what can I tell you – man plans and God laughs or some such euphemism to cover up for my procrastination.  We will be back w/ a fantastic interview from SX next week I promise you and myself but you know what – I believe things happen for a reason and perhaps this episode will serve a larger purpose…

What purpose? Well most immediately it will serve the goal to maintain a consistent cadence of content on the MSCLVR airwaves – my friends at Mouth Media – our partners in distributing this podcast – have often recommended I do this – BUT beyond filling the void – I think this “After Dark” episode could help me get back to the roots of why a year or some odd months ago I went out w/ my producer Tyler the Hitman Carey and bought and tested a whole bunch of audio recording equipment (most of which we returned by the way – more on that at some point down the line – some of you future podcasters might find it interesting)

The roots of this podcast are simple – MSCLVR is first and foremost a music technology start up cofounded by me and my long time friend and business partner Ariel or Ariel as his mother would refer to him 🙂

We will, in a future episode, feature Ariel and get into the current day status and future plans for the MSCLVR technology and business for those of you that are interested – but suffice to say – at the core of MSCLVR are two dear friends who share a love for music as well as a love for product and technology. Ariel and I went to engineering school together at the University of Pennsylvania back in the early 2000s – and in late 2015 we incorporated the business and while we currently operate somewhat stealthily on the platform between LA and New York this podcast is in many ways a reflection of our partnership because without him the original idea for MSCLVR might still be just that…an idea.

Ok – again – we’ll save that trip down memory lane for a future show for the startup geeks – the takeaway here is that at its core MSCLVR is all about music technology – and over the years we’ve met some incredible people pushing the music industry forward in their own ways large and small and we feel very much a part of a special community of lovers of music (he said awkwardly as to confuse them w the name of the business)…and this community we share happens to also be really passionate about human advancement through technology. There is no question that music and tech communities are some of the most diverse and vibrant….

And to be frank – at the onset we selfishly wanted to know the stories of this community more intimately for ourselves – the journeys of these entrepreneurs and influencers help us shape and motivate our own – and we figured we could also create a voice for ourselves within  music tech as a not so fringe benefit….but at the end of the day – we are very much driven to do this because of the stories we encounter and wish to amplify – hopefully for a greater audience to hear.

For example – just yesterday I found out that a buddy of mine sold his company Loudr to Spotify.  In the past he’s been somewhat cautious about telling the Loudr story on the podcast as some CEOs can be – but I really hope to get him on once the dust settles  because I’ve been fortunate enough to see his business grow and pivot and evolve into a fantastic technology company w/ great branding and obviously of great value for a behemoth company like Spotify to acquire – I believe they will move the company from San Francisco to the US Spotify Headquarters in New York and this buddy’s journey now continues into a new and exciting phase….wouldn’t you want to hear about this guy’s story? the struggles he and his team went through…the small wins that kept the business alive in it’s most fragile times – the reflections on those times when quitting sounded like the best option – chugging along and arriving to a point where – 10s of thousands of happy customers later – Spotify comes knocking? Yea – I want to hear that story, too!

So to quickly wrap this up – why do we do this podcast? The reasons are many and I look forward to exploring them quite honestly – I am a jack of all trades – a polymath in training perhaps – I do this podcast in many ways because I can – as a polymath in training I am often intrigued by new challenges – this challenge being “can I be interesting enough? can I get interesting people to talk to me – take out time in their demanding schedules to sit down with little ol’ me for an hour? can I edit and hopefully consistently improve the production quality of this show? can I even market the podcast? that part frankly has been a challenge despite marketing being a huge part of the way I make a living so hopefully we can unpack that issue together in a future episode – or if you’re listening to this and want to join the podcast marketing efforts feel free to reach out – shameless plug – hit us up at podcast@msclvr.com – awesome!

So in the end – my procrastination in editing my current stack of interviews and the sage advice of Marc Raco over at MouthMedia have led me to this new juncture in the MSCLVR podcast.

On occasion through MSCLVR After Dark I will share with you my story, our story alongside the stories of the fantastic folks that join us as guests in the MSCLVR Interview Series.  I am truly grateful for and humbled by everyone who has decided to get on the microphone with us over the last year and several months and, of course, I am humbled and grateful for all of you that listen to us – whatever the consistency – I am glad that you are here and at the end of the day – why we do this podcast – is you.

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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049 – Sung Cho, CEO, Founder of Chartmetric.io

Sung Cho

MSCLVR Interview Series #049 with Sung Cho, CEO, Founder of Chartmetric.io!

Sung ChoI originally met Sung Cho at a one day music tech conference in San Francisco towards the end of 2017 aptly named SF Music Tech.  It’s a fantastic event that I’ve gone to every year for the last 4-5 years specifically because of the serendipitous connections that happen there.

I had heard about Chartmetric.io and had a “to do” on my task list for a while to try to make contact – at the time I was curious to see if there were any ways for our technologies to work together but when I randomly sat down next to Sung (not realizing at first who he was at first) I was more curious to hear the story behind how he went out building this powerful tool.

Sung ChoChartmetric is tracking nearly 1 million Artists across about the same number of playlists (yes there are millions and millions of public playlists) as well as social media to help Artists, A&R, labels, managers, etc to see where their music is charting and visualize the data that helps them to tie playlist marketing strategies to boosts in social media following and vice versa!

We touch upon his gaming background, the startup hustle, pushing the lines of partner API rate limits and building an enterprise-level solution in terms of sophistication but without the enterprise price tag – Sung definitely has a soft spot for Indie artists and you can tell he truly wants to super serve that market.

Sung Cho on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffponchick/

Chartmetric : https://chartmetric.io/

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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048 – Jeff Ponchick, CEO, Cofounder of Repost Network


MSCLVR Interview Series #048 with Jeff Ponchick, CEO, Cofounder of Repost Network!

RepostThis episode of the podcast is featuring Jeff Ponchick – CEO and cofounder of Repost Network – founded initially to help Artist to monetize their music more efficiently on Soundcloud and now they have built tools for all of the key distribution platforms to assist with marketing, content protection, and, of course – better monetization!

I’ve got to say I am really proud of Jeff and Repost.  I met Jeff years ago when he was still at Fullscreen (the YouTube MCN or network) and when he told me about how he was pursuing a business that would follow a similar business model but for Soundcloud I thought it was pretty clever.  

Admittedly, however, I was much more of YouTube consumer than I was of Soundcloud so I had little to now grasp of the size of the opportunity or the ultimate utility of what he was proposing but he seemed confident and it turns out that confidence has paid off!

The product capabilities have expanded carefully, he’s raised very little money allowing him and his team to maintain meaningful ownership of the business and best of all – he has managed to build a profitable business in music technology that is actually helping Artists and Labels.  And if that is not enough to be colored impressed – Repost Network hand picks (powered by machines of course – they are a tech company first) the clients they work with to ensure their service levels remain high and their partners rave about their support.

It was a lot of fun sitting w/ Jeff at the Repost headquarters in Santa Monica – if you are an Artist, work at a label, run your own company or are thinking about – there is definitely something for everyone in this conversation!


Jeff Ponchick on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffponchick/

Repost Network : https://www.repostnetwork.com/

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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047 – Bart Baker, King of the Music Video Parody


MSCLVR Interview Series #047 w/ Bart Baker, King of the Music Video Parody!

BART BAKERThis episode of the podcast is featuring Bart Baker – international man of mystery but more commonly known as the King of the the music video parody on YouTube. In this interview from Bart’s kitchen we talk about some of the trials the professional YouTuber community has been going through over the past year and his strategies for success despite the Google platform’s struggle to balance advertiser and Creator interests.

Ok so I almost want you to run through this as quickly as possible so that you can go straight to the content – I mean I laughed so hard before, during, and after this interview so I hope you will enjoy it as much we had fun recording it!

I think Bart has a really unique talent for pushing the line of outrageous, irreverent comedy while still somehow wrapping it into smart and, dare I say, high brow and witty comedy through both original satirical lyrics and high production value videos that amplify and poke fun at today’s popular music celebrities.

BART BAKERHe’s got a penchant for shock value and a talent for embodying hyperbolic personas – combine that with entertaining music and YouTube and you’ve got a recipe for a channel with nearly 10 million subscribers and videos reaching astronomical views in the 10s of millions.

But it’s not all carbonated water and soy sauce for Bart and countless other YouTubers (that’ll make more sense later I promise) – after YouTube’s “adpocalypse” of 2017 guys like Bart saw his contents’ adsense monetization take a serious hit…

Nevertheless the King of Parody persists and has some really unexpected ventures diversifying his career portfolio and I think Musicians, Artists, and Creators of all stripes can benefit from Bart’s attitude and versatile thought process…

So without further ado…Bart Baker!

Bart on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer
Bart on Insta : http://instagram.com/bartbaker
Bart’s dog Bently on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/itsbentleybaker/

Referenced in the conversation :

Lil Pump – “Gucci Gang” PARODY : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ2mEuBweWY

Katy Perry “California Gurls” Parody – California Boys : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WZGyzz5O-U

“Boom Boom Pow” Parody – “Big Old Pubes” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K3R2_kp07Y

DOWNLOAD BRAVE = WIN A TRIP TO LA 2 BE IN A PARODY WITH BART –  https://brave.com/bar515

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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046 – Diego Farias, CEO/Cofounder, Amuse – World’s First Mobile Record Company

Diego Farias

MSCLVR Interview Series #046 w/ Diego Farias, CEO/Cofounder, Amuse – World’s First Mobile Record Company

This episode of the podcast is featuring the one and only Diego Farias – CEO and cofounder of Amuse.io based in – the world’s very first mobile record company catching the attention of powerful music industry hitters including Will.i.am who eventually came on in a co-founder capacity!

So what does a mobile-first record company look like?  Well we don’t have to look much further than the app store because it’s here!

Diego and his team sought to answer the question about above but through a different lens – that is – what would record companies look like if the genesis of the industry was taking place today? Artists today are entrepreneurs – they want great control over their content and their destinies…and humans in general are doing more and more crucial daily tasks on mobile devices – and thus, the concept behind Amuse was born.

Couple that with a broader deconstruction of old guard mentalities around rights and ownership and heavy legalese and you’ve got yourself a new age label with free digital distribution at its core which drives the engine of data-driven talent discovery and an overall step forward in the way Artists, Labels, and great music interplay.

I think Diego has done an outstanding job in surrounding himself and the company with real change agents from his founding team to some really powerful advisors. I look forward to watching Amuse grow from what is today a 20-30 person company concentrated in Sweden to a global powerhouse!

Learn more about Amuse here: www.amuse.io

Diego is on LinkedIn here : https://www.linkedin.com/in/diegofarias/

Download the app on iOS here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amuse-free-music-distribution/id1160922922?mt=8

Android users – download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.amuse.android


Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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