003 – Simon Kellman – Global Head of Music for Dailymotion.com

MSCLR Interview Series #003 w/ Simon Kellman, Global Head of Music, Dailymotion.com

In this interview with Simon Kellman, Global Head of Music for Dailymotion.com, we learn about how Simon went from radio and booze cruise DJ during his college days to MBA wielding music label guy.  Simon smooth talked his way into the music industry back in the early 2000s and got to work with acclaimed artists from Alicia Keys + Busta Rhymes to Rod Stewart and Kenny G!

His career has spanned from DJ to music marketer to business development and product builder at companies like Sony, Vevo, and Beatport.  Follow our trip through his music filled life from becoming an expert at music video content syndication at Sony to his brief, yet very eventful, stint at the infamous former EDM powerhouse SFX.

Simon also shares a music tech company idea that I suspect will haunt him until someone builds it…will it be him? Perhaps it will be you?

If you want to connect with Simon you can find him on LinkedIn and his Instagram is definitely worth following so check that out as well!



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