005 – Cristian Acosta of Synaural – The Power of Music and Your Brain


MSCLVR Interview Series #005 with Cristian Acosta, CEO/Cofounder of Synaural – The Power of Music and Your Brain

What if I told you I could literally hear how you process sound?  This week’s interview is with Cristian Acosta, CEO and Cofounder of a semi stealth startup called Synaural and the platforms they are developing could change the entire course of history by deepening our understanding of the human brain…thanks to music and, well, sound!

In our conversation we talk about how Synaural is using cutting edge neuroscience to develop research driven technologies that would create an ‘operating system’ powerful enough to drive amazing future discoveries in health and science as well as music tech. For example – this platform could simultaneously predict how well (or poorly) your 3 year old will read in the future, while also making it possible for hearing aide and headphone manufacturers to create devices that respond to the electrical signals of your brains to calibrate what you actually hear!

Suffice to say – it’s too huge for this description so go listen!

You can find Cristian on LinkedIn.

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