007 – Nick Alt, CEO and Founder at VNYL – Curated Vinyl Records

MSCLVR Interview Series #007 with Nick Alt, CEO and Founder at VNYL

In this week’s interview w/ Nick Alt we learn about the life of a software engineer turned CEO with a passion for music and how his hunger for new challenges drove him to start VNYL (“vinyl”) – a monthly subscription service that personally curates vinyl records for each member using their Spotify account! (other platforms like Soundcloud and Instagram, too).

VNYL members select a genre playlist (called a “#vibe”) to receive new vinyl records based on their specific music tastes and digital listening preferences. And as if building a successful subscription business was not enough of a challenge – the VNYL team has also created the first wireless turntable (aptly called “TRNTBL”) that streams high-quality audio to your Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay devices, or Sonos speakers.

Nick is a super genuine guy and he definitely has his finger on the pulse of the future, independent of (or perhaps coinciding with) his appreciation for the “old” music medium.

You can check out the VNYL subscription service at http://vnyl.org/ – use coupon code MSCLVR to get $10 OFF your first month!

And if you or a loved one are in the market for a sleek, futuristic record player – you won’t be sorry if you head over to https://trntbl.co/ – doooo eeeeeeet!

Nick can be found on LinkedIn – you can also find him at @nickalt on just about every platform that matters 🙂


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