008 – Nick Yeeles, CEO and Cofounder of Peg.co – Influencer Marketing in the Music Industry

MSCLVR Interview Series #008 with Nick Yeeles, CEO and Cofounder of Peg.co

Nick YeelesIn this week’s interview with Nick Yeeles we discuss the power of “Influencer Marketing” and it’s impact on the music industry today and where Nick thinks it’s heading…and fast!

Nick cofounded and leads a lean team of product developers based in London and their mission at Peg is to shift $1 Billion currently spent on traditional media to the pockets of independent content creators – often referred to as “Influencers”.  These Influencers are typically making a living thanks to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Musical.ly, etc and because these social platforms are so interactive the audiences enjoy a certain level of “access” (or perhaps a perception of access) to their favorite Influencer(s) engendering a level of trust that earns them that broad label “Influencer” for their influence over their fans (particularly their purchase behaviors!)

Peg is building the “LinkedIn” for the professional world of Influencer collaboration and it might be surprising to some that music labels, and even platforms like Spotify, are already beginning to rely on these Influencers to help break new music, new Artists, and even established Artists in new markets – and we are only really scratching the surface on the creative entertainment possibilities when brands, music labels, Artists, and Influencers begin to collaborate at scale!

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