009 – Chris Donohue, VP Business Strategy at See Tickets – Tickets Here!

MSCLVR Interview Series #009 with Chris Donohue, VP Business Strategy at See Tickets

In this week’s interview we got to visit the See Tickets LA office to chat w/ Chris Donohue – entrepreneur, advisor, and former manager of Weezer among other notable bands and achievements.

When most people think about ticketing I imagine they primarily think about printing barcodes on paper but the business of ticketing is far more nuanced due to its broad demand, the competitive landscape, and the technologies that drive not only scalable ticket delivery but the array of services (and opportunities) that new technologies (e.g. AI chatbots) are having on the way we consumers will learn about and acquire tickets to the shows we escape to for entertainment.

Chris’ story takes us through a timeline of music and tech collaborations that includes references to fax machines and blackberries while simultaneously peeking into the future of dynamic ticket pricing and digitally ubiquitous ticket consumption. I learned a lot but I get the feeling we’ve only scratched the surface here…ENJOY!

You can find Chris on Linkedin here .

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