011 – Betty Tran, Former Head of Mktg Insomniac, DanceOn, “Bawse”

MSCLVR Interview Series #011 w/ Betty Tran, Former Head of Mktg Insomniac, DanceOn,  “Bawse”

We are only on episode 11 but I am going to declare that this one will be a long time favorite of mine.  Betty Tran is a force of nature – born and bred in LA – Betty rose quickly in the world of music and digital media and she will not be stopping any time soon!

Betty has been an executive marketer at DanceOn, Insomniac, and Live Nation and is currently splitting her time geographically between Austin and LA while splitting her actual time between a few different “hustles”…all of which are in partnership with power players in their respective fields.

“Magic” Betty (which I dubbed her in this conversation) is on the bleeding edge of music/dance video content as manager of the #1 YouTube dance choreographer Matt Steffanina, the bleeding edge of the new digital music labels working in stealth currently with Grammy award winning producer (and Kanye collaborator) Che Pope (and prolific digital media investor Allen Debevoise, a name you will have heard before a few times on this podcast), all while still consulting festivals, and raising three young boys, and going to the gym 4-5 times a week…like I said…BAWSE!

You can find “Magic” Betty (a name I hope sticks) on LinkedIn here.

Definitely check out her client Matt Steffanina’s choreographies here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MattSDance

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