013 – Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

MSCLVR Interview Series #013 w/ Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

Nick Lippman is a partner at Lippman Entertainment where he’s involved in the management of great Artists and bands like Matchbox 20, Ryan Cabrera, and Rob Thomas.  He’s figured out a way to be a full time manager, ever present husband & father, and if that weren’t enough to fill most people’s days – Nick is very active in the technology scene advising and investing in young companies through a separate entity called Ava Jade – the middle names of his two young daughters.

For the 3rd time in our relatively short podcasting history we take the MSCLVR podcast outdoors and this time we were joined by Nick Lippman on the rooftop of my building here in Hollywood and I have to say – 360 views of LA are pretty fantastic backdrop for any interview (though you will hear the occasional LAPD helicopter and a bit of background noise but hey, it adds character!)

But this interview is not special because of the location – this interview was particularly fun because Nick is genuinely great to talk to generally (say that 3 times fast).  Furthermore, Nick is great to talk to specifically for this podcast because he represents a music industry hungry to support technological innovation!

You will enjoy this conversation – very rarely will you sit down with someone where the conversation spans band camp w/ Adam Levine, holograms, what he refers to as the Tiger Woods workout, while still going deep into his portfolios – both w/in his tech incubator and his Artist roster!

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You can find Nick on LinkedIn. or his website.

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