015 – Milana Rabkin, CEO, Cofounder of Stem Disintermedia

MSCLVR Interview Series #015 with Milana Rabkin, CEO, Cofounder of Stem Disintermedia

This week’s interview is featuring the talented and lovely Milana Rabkin – CEO and cofounder of Stem Disintermedia. If you are involved in the music creative process you ought to know about this team.  With seed funding from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Scooter Braun, and Shervin Pishevar, and follow on investment from the guys and gals at Upfront Ventures – you know there is definitely an interesting story being told at Stem and Milana is nothing short of a storyteller as you will find out or reaffirm in this interview!

For this episode we got to visit Stem’s new offices in Hollywood, California where about 40 people now work on a product that is helping to decrypt and untangle the labyrinth of music assets that, up until now, have prevented Artists and their collaborators get paid properly. Finally the music industry has a single dashboard where Artists and all of their songwriters and musicians could keep track of the myriad revenue streams generated by the art they collectively created thus relieving the administrative pains in keeping track of splits across the spectrum of consumption platforms over time!

Even if this technology will never directly impact you you are in for a treat – especially if you enjoy great entrepreneur stories!

Milana has the conviction of someone who knows that they are solving a problem in a way that only they are uniquely equipped to do. She and her two co founders fuse critical elements for success – her background in talent agencies and storytelling gave her insider perspective into the pain points of her Artists, the relationships to raise smart money, and the ability to articulate the vision.

Her partners brought the requisite passion and talent for product and engineering and thus Stem was born.

You can find out more about Milana at Stem at the links and Twitter handles below:





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