016 – Drew Silverstein, CEO, Cofounder of Amper Music

MSCLVR Interview Series #016 with Drew Silverstein, CEO, Cofounder of Amper Music

This week’s episode featuring the brilliant Drew Silverstein – CEO and Cofounder of Amper Music. So we’re back in NYC for this one and it feels good to be home!

Amper Music is a New York based startup on the bleeding edge of music composed by artificial intelligence – yes – you read that right – high quality functional music virtually indistinguishable from man-made music – yet made by AI.

The future is already here and while it may still be unevenly distributed, Amper’s technology is at the forefront of expanding the distribution of music’s future…in the now. And yes, that was a very convoluted statement but I stand by it – I trust my audience!

Ok so first off, I have to apologize to you, the listener! When it comes to the discussions of music and tech few topics hit home quite as hard as AI generated music – right? It’s like if Arnold came back as the Terminator and instead of murder and mayhem he was programmed to compose – not to kill. Way different movie (James Cameron if you’re reading this let’s talk).  

I digress – So I apologize because this episode, while very much awesome, is shorter than normal because, well, because I showed up to Amper’s SOHO headquarters 30 minutes late! Drew was super accommodating and we had a really informative discussion despite my tardiness.

In an age of mass democratization of expression Amper is building computer-aided music allowing all would-be composers (that may have never learned the difference between half and whole notes) to author full fledged, unique, and complete pieces of music without ever having picked up an instrument.

Recently singer, songwriter, comedienne, and illustrious Youtuber – Taryn Southern – (who we will have on the show very soon) worked with Amper to compose the music for an entire album! We’ve linked to that in the description so that you can get a taste 🙂

Drew on LinkedIn 

Amper’s website 

Taryn Southern’s single “Break Free” powered by Amper : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUs6CznN8pw

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