017 – Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify, Music Publishers and Songwriters

MSCLVR Interview Series #017 with Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify, Music Publishers & Songwriters

This week’s episode features the illustrious Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify focusing on Music Publishers & Songwriters – where every day he and his team (or “Squad” as they are referred to at Spotify) are driven by goal to help 1 million creative artists make a living through their music.

Alright, guys – I am pretty excited about today’s interview – I’ve known Tyler White for a few years now – we were introduced here in New York by a mutual friend and once I convinced myself that we would make this podcast I knew that I would want to do this interview.

Tyler graduated from Stanford w/ a bachelors of science in Symbolic Systems which essentially combines the rigors of technology development and how human and machine optimally interact. It’s also worth noting at this point that Tyler has been a songwriter since his playground days –  so it won’t surprise you that Tyler would take his educational experience and a few early stints at companies like Facebook and Box.com and go on to help other top tech companies bridge the gaps between tech and music.

Before landing at Spotify roughly 3 months ago – Tyler was already on my radar for this podcast because he had been consulting companies like Flipagram and Soundcloud on product and growth…and I’m not going to lie…back in 2010 I was a huge fan of Tyler’s client Ryan Leslie – Artist/Producer and Tech entrepreneur and Tyler was helping Ryan and his company w/ a product called SuperPhone.

Fast forward back to current day at Spotify New York – Tyler gets to solve problems that are near and dear to him as a songwriter himself.  He believes we are on the verge of a true renaissance in music which we get into on the show and, oh yea – make sure to stick around for the end of the podcast where we learn about Tyler’s 15 minutes of fame  thanks to his love for K-Pop!

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Discussed during the show – Ryan Leslie Making “Gibberish” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHodee8Kfgg

Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

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