018 – Jay Shore, CEO 710 Decibels – Music, Tech, & Cannabis

MSCLVR Interview Series #018 w/ Jay Shore, CEO 710 Decibels – Music, Tech, & Cannabis

This episode of the podcast is featuring Jay Shore, CEO and cofounder of 710 decibels – a San Diego based startup creating interesting opportunities at the cross-section of the Cannabis and entertainment industries – primarily focused on Music Industry and Artists.  

I’ll admit, as we go about scouring topics and companies for the show I can’t say that I ever foresaw that an entire episode of the MSCLVR podcast would be dedicated to Music & Cannabis – but alas – the stars would align to bring Jay Shore and 710 Decibels into our purview and eventually into the studio!

710 Decibels is building a business that is riding a few differents waves. The cultural wave of an age old relationship between Musicians and Cannabis inspired creativity.  The “legalize it” wave and the rapidly changing landscape of government regulations surrounding the substance. And finally and equally as important in my estimation – the wave of opportunities created by our lives saturated by digital media – a large portion of which is dominated by music.

Jay has a very intriguing background in technology spanning all the way back to his early teens – a self described “white hat hacker” Jay has started companies around and/or has been involved w/ cyber security, crypto currency ventures, and now – well now he seems to be having a lot of fun marrying his appreciation for a popular plant with his love for music.

710 is currently working on Cannabis related partnership w/ bands and artists like No Doubt, T-Payne, and we may be seeing 710’s efforts manifested in a television show featuring Action Bronson! I personally can’t wait for that.

Company website : http://710db.com/

Jay’s Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/710db.com_jay/

Business Inquiries : jay@710db.com


Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

Support the podcast & The MSCLVR Foundation : https://www.patreon.com/MSCLVR

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