019 – David Baird, CEO, Founder of Gigmor – Live Music Marketplace

MSCLVR Interview Series #019 w/ David Baird, CEO, Founder of Gigmor – Live Music Marketplace

This episode of the podcast is featuring David Baird, Founder, CEO of Gigmor – an online marketplace seeking to bring efficiencies to the world of live music booking where, like in many areas of music industry, there is a lot of fragmentation.  

David and his team are tackling a very interesting problem that every talent booker has – w/ a virtual unlimited supply of performers but very real limitations on venue availability – Gigmor helps talent booker answer the questions : Who is the best Artist to play my venue? Why? And how can I be sure?   
You know it’s always great to encounter an entrepreneur with the conviction that they are uniquely positioned to solve a problem – especially in the world of online marketplaces that facilitate real world interactions.

Talent bookers can get 100s of emails a day from Artists and bands looking to book gigs. Suffice to say both parties in this sort of transaction can spend a lot of time in the research, outreach, and chase phases trying to match music w/ the events, venues, and audiences that are most receptive to the type of show being produced.

David was a guitar player looking for opportunities to gig when he moved out LA – he also happens to have a wealth of experience in digital product development so when he realized how friction ridden the process of getting booked was he was inspired to apply his product skills to build Gigmor which would streamline communications and, more importantly, an increasing amount of data to help the decision making processes meaningfully less painful!

Post a gig – review artist applications – get the data you need – book. Simple.

Company website : https://www.gigmor.com/

Find David on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwbaird/

Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

Support the podcast & The MSCLVR Foundation : https://www.patreon.com/MSCLVR


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