020 – Taryn Southern, Digital Storyteller, Music Futurist – AI, 360, and VR…oh my!

MSCLVR Interview Series #020 with Taryn Southern, Digital Storyteller, Music Futurist – AI, 360, and VR…oh my!

This episode of the podcast is featuring the beautiful, the talented Taryn Southern! You will have certainly heard Taryn’s name on this podcast before in our interviews w/ Drew Silverstein (CEO of Amper Music) and Milana Rabkin (CEO of Stem).  Taryn’s name will have come up a few times undoubtedly in praise of her talent and likely moreso her willingness to take risks.

Taryn Southern is a digital storyteller and in the title of this episode I refer to her as a music futurist. My experiences of Taryn over the years have been of a woman of grace and humility so I don’t know that she would describe herself that way but I think it’s appropriate given the boundaries she has pushed and the new ones she continues to cross.

Taryn is part of an early wave of Internet personalities – while she got her start on American Idol back in high school and has guest-starred on over a dozen TV shows with movie credits in tow – when I think of Taryn I think of her creative works on Youtube!  Irreverent comedic skits juxtaposed with similarly irreverent and daring musical parodies and originals – her content and channels have evolved and changed to reflect the evolutionary nature of the Artist but what has not changed is Taryn’s willingness to be bold.  

Taryn is fully embracing the future by immersing herself in the acronym-laden technology worlds of AR, VR, and AI.  Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.  And I believe she is on the bleeding edge evidenced by her latest self-published single and music video where both the video art AND the music track were created by artificial intelligence.

Her work is an epitome of the future of music driven by technology. Enjoy!

AI, 360, and VR…oh my!

Taryn’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TarynSouthern

Break Free video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUs6CznN8pw

Break Free on iTunes : http://msclvr.co/breakfree

Taryn’s 2007 Banger “Hot for Hillary” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sudw4ghVe8

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