021 – Roy Hennig, VP Sales at LyricFind – The World’s Largest Lyric Licensing Service

MSCLVR Interview Series #021 w/ Roy Hennig, VP Sales at LyricFind – The World’s Largest Lyric Licensing Service

This episode of the podcast is featuring the illustrious Roy Hennig, VP of Sales at LyricFind, Inc – the a little known company outside of music tech circles that happens to be the world’s largest provider of licensed lyrics services powering the global music lyric needs of giants of industry like Google, Amazon, Apple, Billboard, Pandora, Shazam, and countless others.

In this episode, we find ourselves at the annual one day conference SF Music Tech Summit where Roy and I first met a few years back.  I had only known about LyricFind already because I was introduced to their CEO Darryl Ballantyne a few years prior – and if you’ve ever attended San Francisco Music Tech you will have seen the LyricFind name and logo just about everywhere as they are loyal sponsors of that great event.

What I really appreciate about companies like LyricFind – especially in this really difficult world of music technology –  is that they have carved themselves out a lion’s share of a service market where they are literally powering integral parts of much larger businesses while maintaining a somewhat stealth presence of course due to their B2B nature.

But – LyricFind may find it’s way into the psyches of the millions of consumers that they indirectly touched through the recent soft launch of LyricMerch.com (currently in Industry beta launched at SF Music Tech).  With an eye towards the B2C the team at LyricFind will soon be providing fans and superfans with fully licensed lyric laden merchandise making rights holders happy while delighting fan audiences with new and expanding ways to connect with the music and artists they love.

Roy’s on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/royhennig/

Roy’s on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LyricFindRoy



Also check out the SF Music Tech Summit – go next year! http://www.sfmusictech.com/

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