025 – Chen Lo, MC and Founder, Soul Science Lab and Rapport Studios

MSCLVR Interview Series #025 w/ Chen Lo, MC and Founder, Soul Science Lab + Rapport Studios

Recorded at “The Future of Audio” Series produced The Digilogue powered by Sennheiser

This episode of the podcast is featuring the illustrious Chen Lo, MC, multi media artist, and founder of Soul Science Lab and Rapport Studios.  As a creative Chen Lo is pushing the boundaries of artistic expression using his talents and technologies to both inspire people through new music media as well as apply these media to upgrade they way we educate our youth and people in general.

This one is short but very sweet – Chen Lo was kind enough to sit with us shortly after he gave a Masterclass on Music + Coding at aforementioned Digilogue Future of Audio Series.


There really is no easy way to pin this man down.  He is an MC who has embraced augmented reality in the distribution of an interactive music album. He is a social impact innovator daring to teach cognitively challenging concepts around software development through hip hop – aka Python MC. And if you listened to the masterclass we released earlier this week then you already know about his ability to inspire empathy through music and art which, as we discuss, is not always the highest priority in today’s world of Hip Hop.

Chen Lo is an all around dope individual and I’d really like to get him back on the show for a longer discussion when we are back in New York again – but for now – enjoy our brief encounter and keep your eyes and ears peeled for this guy – he’s got something special going on.



Soul Science Lab : https://www.soulsciencelab.com/ , http://www.rapportstudios.com

http://www.soundtrack63.com @The Apollo Feb 24, 2018

Thanks to Sennheiser for inviting us to The Digilogue : https://en-us.sennheiser.com/

Check out The Digilogue : https://www.thedigilogue.com/

Special thanks to Epoch : http://www.itsepoch.com/

Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

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We recorded today’s interview a few weeks ago in NYC at “The Future of Audio” Series produced by our friends at The Digilogue powered by our friends at Sennheiser – Sennheiser is shaping the future of the audio industry with a unique approach to audio innovation, a passion for excellence, and, of course, a rich history of high end product development ranging from headsets to microphones – be sure to check out their recently released Ambeo Smart Headset that allows you to record and play audio back in 3D sound – it will blow your mind!

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