035 – Latasha Alcindor – Artist. Rapper. Singer. Performer. Creative.

Latasha Alcindor

MSCLVR Interview Series #035 w/ Latasha Alcindor, Artist. Rapper. Singer. Performer. Creative.

Latasha AlcindorThis episode of the podcast is featuring Artist, Rapper, Singer, Performer, Creative – Latasha Alcindor! Our time together was brief but I am choosing to believe that Latasha is leading a very charmed life – not many people go from “I’m not a rapper” to opening for Kanye West in a matter of a few years…so yea, if you haven’t heard of her – stay tuned!

Another short but sweet take from The Digilogue – Latasha Alcindor is quintuple threat and her diverse talents have helped her to get to a place where her music supports her lifestyle in very short order. As you’ll hear during the interview LA didn’t really even know she was a Rapper until other people told her as much.  Next think you know she is opening for some of Rap’s greatest off the strength of her album “The Presentation” which we will link to in the description. It’s dope.

Latasha AlcindorBeyond her musical talent, though, I think Latasha is also seeing success because of her readiness to adopt and adapt to technology.  She began to see the value of streaming when she discovered one of her songs had a strong following in Sao Paolo, Brazil – something an independent could hardly ever achieve before the digital age.  LA communicates w/ her fans through Soundcloud and uses the data to inform her creative and business decisions.

I think LA is a shining example of success for today’s Independent Artist – it’s futile to swim against the grain – the “value” of music may never be perfectly aligned w/ the dollars and cents of streaming payouts for all Artists but if you can extract information from data you can build a meaningful career.

So without further ado…Latasha Alcindor!

Latasha Alcindor
Check out Latasha’s website : https://www.latashaalcindor.com/
LA on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ucancallmela/

Mentioned during the show: https://ucancallmela.bandcamp.com/album/the-presentation

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