037 – Marcus Mims – Songwriter, Vocal Producer and “Jingle Punk”

Marcus Mims

MSCLVR Interview Series #037 w/ Marcus Mims, Songwriter, Vocal Producer & “Jingle Punk”

Marcus MimsThis episode of the podcast is featuring Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Producer – Marcus Mims!

Thanks to the Digilogue we had the opportunity to share music technology perspectives from some of the more creative minds that are adapting music tech to their creative processes – the people beyond the walls of Spotify and YouTube and Stem, for instance and it was definitely solid reinforcement for why we find the music tech story such an important one to decode.

Another short but sweet connection from The Digilogue – Marcus Mims is a man all about the melody.  If you listened to episode 36 on the streaming economy hosted by yours truly then you’ve heard some of his thoughts on how the open access that streaming provides acts as a fountain of inspiration for songwriters like him. Simultaneously the streaming data can be used as a feedback loop for the creative process.

Marcus MimsDetroit born and raised, Marcus is a product of a music city and is passionate about helping to shape the sound of newly signed acts. We didn’t get into it due to time constraints but Marcus also lends his talents to a company called Jingle Punks which is a music publishing and licensing company headquartered in New York. This tie also means that he gets to write and perform custom scores, themes, and cues to license for TV and film.

We’ll have to get Marcus back on one day but while we wait for that opportunity we’re happy to present to you without further ado…episode 36 with Marcus Mims!

Marcus Mims on LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcus-mims-413aa626/

Marcus on Insta : https://www.instagram.com/marcusmims/

Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

Support the podcast & The MSCLVR Foundation : https://www.patreon.com/MSCLVR

Marcus MimsWe recorded today’s interview a few weeks ago in NYC at “The Future of Audio” Series produced by our friends at The Digilogue powered by our friends at Sennheiser – Sennheiser is shaping the future of the audio industry with a unique approach to audio innovation, a passion for excellence, and, of course, a rich history of high end product development ranging from headsets to microphones – Heading somewhere for the holidays? For all those frequent travelers among you, check out Sennheiser’s PXC550 premium travel headphones, with 32 hours of battery life, noise cancellation and stunning Sennheiser sound – it’s a perfect travel companion! I have been wearing them for the editing of this show and I’ve got to say I sound amazing – thanks Sennheiser 🙂 –  Stay tuned to the end for info on The Digilogue and their partnership w/ Sennheiser

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