038 – Synch Licensing Masterclass – Brady Clark

Brady Clark

#038 – Synch Licensing Masterclass with Brady Clark @ The Digilogue Future of Audio Series (powered by Sennheiser)

Brady ClarkThis episode is a very special installment of the podcast featuring live recorded content from the “Shape The Future of Audio” Series produced by our friends at The Digilogue based in NYC and powered by none other than Sennheiser – if you are not familiar Sennheiser…Heading somewhere for the holidays? For all those frequent travelers among you, check out Sennheiser’s PXC550 premium travel headphones, with 32 hours of battery life, noise cancellation and stunning Sennheiser sound – it’s a perfect travel companion! They are on sale for the holiday season so get a move on. I have been wearing them for the editing of this show and I’ve got to say I sound amazing – thanks Sennheiser 🙂 –  Stay tuned to the end for info on The Digilogue and their partnership w/ Sennheiser

The Future of Audio Series was an intimate 4 day summit in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood at the Interface creative lounge in early October of this year. It was a really great event consisting of  live music performances, interactive guest panels, and masterclasses like the one you will hear now Industry folks extensive dialogue on topics like VR, 3D audio, the present and future economy of streaming music, and all manner of related topics in between. And thanks to our friends at Sennheiser – it was free to attend!

Brady Clark
If you didn’t get to participate this time around be sure to check out future events at www.thedigilogue.com and fear not, the MSCLVR podcast was there to record interviews many of the speakers   and panelists and, of course, we are also bringing you the recorded audio so that you, too, can benefit from the awesome knowledge transfer that occurred each day.

Today’s release is from the “Synch Licensing” masterclass recorded on Oct 5th, Day 2 of the series featuring Brady Clark aka Brady O, Director of Catalog at Jingle Punks a music publishing and licensing company headquartered in New York.

In this session Brady gave the 101 on how Creators can maximize the return on investment in their music by optimizing their approach to Synch Licensing, which is the method whereby music (i.e. audio)  is “synched” to the visual – in this case TV & Film.

In this rapidly changing world – Creators of all stripes would be wise to be evermore entrepreneurial – cultivating peripheral skills that can help fortify a long career – and in this session Brady provides a great framework for how getting placements for TV ads, shows, and films can help supplement and augment one’s music career!

So if you are a music Creator, manager, or just someone curious about Synch – there is no further ado : The Future of Audio Series: Synch Licensing Masterclass!

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