039 – Brady Clark, Director of Catalogue, Jingle Punks

Brady Clark

MSCLVR Interview Series #039 with Brady Clark, Director of Catalogue, Jingle Punks

Brady ClarkThis episode of the podcast is featuring the illustrious Brady Clark aka Brady O – Director of Catalogue at Jingle Punks – a music licensing company powered by patented music search technology that provides superior search results for TV, Film, and Web creators in need of music to synch to video. That was a mouthful but it should become more clear throughout our brief but entertaining conversation w/ Brady Oh.

If you listened to our last release in episode 38 you probably already know a bit about Brady Clark and the work that he does at Jingle Punks … and if you haven’t and you are interested in the world of music publishing and licensing I highly recommend you give that a listen in addition to this show where we get to know Brady a bit more on a human level.

This one is short and sweet so we won’t prolong the intro but I will say this – Brady came across as a genuine guy and, as an Artist himself, he is someone on the business side that can empathize and truly help up and coming Artists to get equipped for success in the competitive world of music creation and monetization.

I am sure we will come across Jingle Punks again on this podcast – we didn’t get to dive too deep into the patented technologies they’ve developed but perhaps we’ll get founder, CEO “Jingle” Jared on to get into the full history of the business – thank you Brady Oh for peeling back the curtain for us in this interview – so without further ado….Brady Oh!

Jingle Punks : www.jinglepunks.com

Brady Oh : http://bradyohshow.com/

Check out Brady Live in BK, NY : http://thecommonsbrooklyn.org/civicrm/event/info?id=14395

Sennheiser: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
The Digilogue : https://www.thedigilogue.com/
Epoch : http://www.itsepoch.com/

Music Credit: Panthurr – soundcloud.com/panthurr

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