MSCLVR After Dark 003 – Kim Viera – #FollowTheJourney

Kim Viera

MSCLVR After Dark #003 Kim Viera, #FollowTheJourney

Kim VieraThis After Dark episode is featuring the beautiful and supremely talented Kim Viera – singer, songwriter – my little sister – and recording Artist on Republic Records – home to , you know, just a few modern day talents you may have heard of like Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weeknd – you know – no biggy – if you haven’t heard of Kim don’t worry you will…

Kim Viera – Kim is family – I’ve been on honorary older brother to Kim since she was 10 years old and I, like many people in her life w/ functioning eyes and ears, have known that she would have what it takes to do music at a major scale (see what I did there?)

2018 seems like it could be a banner year for Kim’s music career – towards the end of last year she experienced the feeling of hearing her single on the radio for the first time, this year a song she cut is in a major movie now playing in theaters, and the plan is to soon release a major single featuring one of globally known major latin artist…so I’d say things are going fairly well 🙂

Kim VieraThere is so much in this interview so I won’t bore you by trodding on and on – MSCLVR After Dark is about great stories in music and while we always have on our music tech lens we relax the geek speak to focus on the heart of why music intrigues just about everyone you’ll meet.

So without further ado – the one and only Kim Viera!   

Kim on Insta:

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“Tribe” from Pitch Perfect 3 on Spotify :

“Diamonds” cover by Kim & Kurt Schneider :

Music Credit: Panthurr –

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