045 – Jon Pardo, Illustrious Music Manager to Boyce Ave, MisterWives

Jon Pardo

MSCLVR Interview Series #045 with Jon Pardo, Illustrious Music Manager to Boyce Ave, MisterWives (and so much more!)

Jon PardoThis episode of the podcast is featuring the illustrious Jon Pardo – music manager to one of YouTube’s most successful independent bands Boyce Avenue and head of Free Association – a boutique management company representing other notable touring bands like MisterWives – check out the links in the description for their entire roster!

in these interviews we take you behind the scenes and get the to know the stories of a few of the men and women who have shaped and/or will shape the world of music that inevitably shapes us

So – How does a New York-based music lawyer find a local band based in south Florida that is poised to be one of YouTube’s most successful independent bands and music channels? Yup – you guessed it – Myspace.

Jon PardoOf course –  a fair amount of serendipity was involved (per our earlier Kanye quote analysis) but Jon Pardo was a hustler and savvy enough to know that if he would need to leverage the technology of the day to scout for talented music clients beyond the 5 boroughs of NYC.  

Boyce Ave were very early on YouTube and their careers have thrived thanks in large part to the platform! Current boasting over 10 million subscribers and driving millions of views per video I imaged that a manager might be tempted to use their “formula” to apply to their other talent but Jon recognizes that each band or artist have their own “fingerprint” – that unique “je ne sais quoi” that make the formulaic inapplicable.

For the current or inspiring music managers or anyone interested in the music industry – there are gems in here for everyone. Jon’s career history is super interesting and in the latter half of the interview we discuss myriad music tech platform advances that Jon is keeping on his radar from merch to voice activated music discovery.  

So without further ado – Jon Pardo!

Check out the talent of Free Association (Jon’s management company):

Boyce Ave : https://www.youtube.com/user/boyceavenue
MisterWives : https://www.misterwives.com/
Curtis Peoples : https://www.curtispeoples.com/
Traces : https://open.spotify.com/artist/74qSjJarNp1Ilz2kp7IMdL
This Wild Life : http://thiswildlifeband.com/
Milkman : https://open.spotify.com/artist/30cKuCL2eREKcQ8NqyXUo7


  1. Yes hi imnnew i would like to meet boyce avenue. Bandlike there music. I have a song for them are you there manger. Im talking to wow help me get in touch with them there know me fan of there be part of there team please meet them is person i can do a song with them im shy like there video. I support. Them to jon do they own there record. Company. I think so text back thank you my name is corina

  2. Yes you manger boyce avenue. I love there songs know. I can send them mailer to them name is corina from CA text back thank you be part of there team

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