048 – Jeff Ponchick, CEO, Cofounder of Repost Network


MSCLVR Interview Series #048 with Jeff Ponchick, CEO, Cofounder of Repost Network!

RepostThis episode of the podcast is featuring Jeff Ponchick – CEO and cofounder of Repost Network – founded initially to help Artist to monetize their music more efficiently on Soundcloud and now they have built tools for all of the key distribution platforms to assist with marketing, content protection, and, of course – better monetization!

I’ve got to say I am really proud of Jeff and Repost.  I met Jeff years ago when he was still at Fullscreen (the YouTube MCN or network) and when he told me about how he was pursuing a business that would follow a similar business model but for Soundcloud I thought it was pretty clever.  

Admittedly, however, I was much more of YouTube consumer than I was of Soundcloud so I had little to now grasp of the size of the opportunity or the ultimate utility of what he was proposing but he seemed confident and it turns out that confidence has paid off!

The product capabilities have expanded carefully, he’s raised very little money allowing him and his team to maintain meaningful ownership of the business and best of all – he has managed to build a profitable business in music technology that is actually helping Artists and Labels.  And if that is not enough to be colored impressed – Repost Network hand picks (powered by machines of course – they are a tech company first) the clients they work with to ensure their service levels remain high and their partners rave about their support.

It was a lot of fun sitting w/ Jeff at the Repost headquarters in Santa Monica – if you are an Artist, work at a label, run your own company or are thinking about – there is definitely something for everyone in this conversation!


Jeff Ponchick on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffponchick/

Repost Network : https://www.repostnetwork.com/

Music Credit: Panthurr – https://soundcloud.com/panthurr

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