052 – Phil Butler, Michael Tom – Radiate!


RadiateThis episode of the podcast features Philip Butler & Michael Tom – cofounders of NYC based startup Radiate – creators of an iOS and Android app aimed at connecting new friends and enhance the experiences of music festivals-goers around the world!

This was an interview well worth the wait for me – this conversation took at least 4 attempts over just as many months to make happen primarily due to shifting schedules and at least one occasion where we showed up ready to record to a locked studio (definitely my fault…as if you needed me to tell you that!)

These young entrepreneurs are hungry and their energy for their product and audience  is palpable. We’ve discussed the impacts of technology on the live show and festival scene in many of our conversations on this show but this is the first time we’ve had product owners and founders sharing their stories.

And that’s not the only “first” to speak of.  

RadiateRadiate is quite like the first ever tech startup (or at least music tech startup) whose origins can be traced back to the playing w/ swords.  That’s right – these founders met each other as young competitive fencers which, you know, naturally would lead to them moving to New York City to found a tech company to enrich the festival goer experience…right?

OK enough reading – these guys tell some hilarious start up stories here so get to listening!

Without further ado…Philip Butler and Michael Tom from Radiate!

Philip Butler on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-butler/

RadiateMichael Tom on LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-tom-66848b79/

Download the iOS app here : https://radiate.app.link/jnj5FvHrPC

Download the Android app here : https://radiate.app.link/h1kaw9RtPC


Check them out : https://www.radiatetheworld.com/

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