019 – David Baird, CEO, Founder of Gigmor – Live Music Marketplace

MSCLVR Interview Series #019 w/ David Baird, CEO, Founder of Gigmor – Live Music Marketplace

This episode of the podcast is featuring David Baird, Founder, CEO of Gigmor – an online marketplace seeking to bring efficiencies to the world of live music booking where, like in many areas of music industry, there is a lot of fragmentation.  

David and his team are tackling a very interesting problem that every talent booker has – w/ a virtual unlimited supply of performers but very real limitations on venue availability – Gigmor helps talent booker answer the questions : Who is the best Artist to play my venue? Why? And how can I be sure?   
You know it’s always great to encounter an entrepreneur with the conviction that they are uniquely positioned to solve a problem – especially in the world of online marketplaces that facilitate real world interactions.

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018 – Jay Shore, CEO 710 Decibels – Music, Tech, & Cannabis

MSCLVR Interview Series #018 w/ Jay Shore, CEO 710 Decibels – Music, Tech, & Cannabis

This episode of the podcast is featuring Jay Shore, CEO and cofounder of 710 decibels – a San Diego based startup creating interesting opportunities at the cross-section of the Cannabis and entertainment industries – primarily focused on Music Industry and Artists.  

I’ll admit, as we go about scouring topics and companies for the show I can’t say that I ever foresaw that an entire episode of the MSCLVR podcast would be dedicated to Music & Cannabis – but alas – the stars would align to bring Jay Shore and 710 Decibels into our purview and eventually into the studio!

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MSCLVR After Dark 002 – Pavan, Porn, Podcasting, and…Music?

MSCLVR After Dark #002 Pavan, Porn, Podcasting, and…Music?

Pavan BahlIn this, our second full installment of MSCLVR After Dark (read in sexy voice) we are joined by none other than Pavan Bahl – the CEO and Cofounder of Mouth Media Network the podcast network we publish this very podcast with.

I was pumped to finally record at the Mouth Media studio in NYC’s Soho area and knew Pavan and I would have a blast (which we did). Pavan did not disappoint.  He raps for us, we discuss the importance of music choices for the character and life of podcasts that Mouth Media produce and distribute, and, somehow, Pavan was able to turn a conversation about Spotify’s abandonment of Apple’s Safari browser into a discussion on porn – so yea – this one is brilliant listening, my friends…

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017 – Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify, Music Publishers and Songwriters

MSCLVR Interview Series #017 with Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify, Music Publishers & Songwriters

This week’s episode features the illustrious Tyler White, Product Owner at Spotify focusing on Music Publishers & Songwriters – where every day he and his team (or “Squad” as they are referred to at Spotify) are driven by goal to help 1 million creative artists make a living through their music.

Alright, guys – I am pretty excited about today’s interview – I’ve known Tyler White for a few years now – we were introduced here in New York by a mutual friend and once I convinced myself that we would make this podcast I knew that I would want to do this interview.

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016 – Drew Silverstein, CEO, Cofounder of Amper Music

MSCLVR Interview Series #016 with Drew Silverstein, CEO, Cofounder of Amper Music

This week’s episode featuring the brilliant Drew Silverstein – CEO and Cofounder of Amper Music. So we’re back in NYC for this one and it feels good to be home!

Amper Music is a New York based startup on the bleeding edge of music composed by artificial intelligence – yes – you read that right – high quality functional music virtually indistinguishable from man-made music – yet made by AI.

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015 – Milana Rabkin, CEO, Cofounder of Stem Disintermedia

MSCLVR Interview Series #015 with Milana Rabkin, CEO, Cofounder of Stem Disintermedia

This week’s interview is featuring the talented and lovely Milana Rabkin – CEO and cofounder of Stem Disintermedia. If you are involved in the music creative process you ought to know about this team.  With seed funding from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Scooter Braun, and Shervin Pishevar, and follow on investment from the guys and gals at Upfront Ventures – you know there is definitely an interesting story being told at Stem and Milana is nothing short of a storyteller as you will find out or reaffirm in this interview!

For this episode we got to visit Stem’s new offices in Hollywood, California where about 40 people now work on a product that is helping to decrypt and untangle the labyrinth of music assets that, up until now, have prevented Artists and their collaborators get paid properly. Finally the music industry has a single dashboard where Artists and all of their songwriters and musicians could keep track of the myriad revenue streams generated by the art they collectively created thus relieving the administrative pains in keeping track of splits across the spectrum of consumption platforms over time!

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014 – Daryl Berg, Principal, Sound Canyon (The Orchard, EMI, and more…)

MSCLVR Interview Series #014 w/ Daryl Berg, Principal, Sound Canyon (The Orchard, EMI, and more…)

Mr. Berg is owner/operator of Sound Canyon based here in Hollywood California where he provides music supervision and licensing consultancy as well as digital content and music publishing management – and if you don’t know what any of that means well congrats because you will know what all of that means and more by the end of the show!

Daryl always wanted to work in music and gosh darn it – it would appear by his extensive CV he always has.  He was on the ground floor in ‘98 for a lil music tech startup called The Orchard as the VP of Strategic Planning – The Orchard is now, some 20 years later, one of the largest music, film, and video distribution companies in the world.

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013 – Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

MSCLVR Interview Series #013 w/ Nick Lippman, Partner, Lippman Ent & Music Tech Investor/Advisor

Nick Lippman is a partner at Lippman Entertainment where he’s involved in the management of great Artists and bands like Matchbox 20, Ryan Cabrera, and Rob Thomas.  He’s figured out a way to be a full time manager, ever present husband & father, and if that weren’t enough to fill most people’s days – Nick is very active in the technology scene advising and investing in young companies through a separate entity called Ava Jade – the middle names of his two young daughters.

For the 3rd time in our relatively short podcasting history we take the MSCLVR podcast outdoors and this time we were joined by Nick Lippman on the rooftop of my building here in Hollywood and I have to say – 360 views of LA are pretty fantastic backdrop for any interview (though you will hear the occasional LAPD helicopter and a bit of background noise but hey, it adds character!)

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012 – Ben Lister, Music Industry Guru and CRO of Startup, Haawk.com

MSCLVR Interview Series #012 w/ Ben Lister, Music Industry Guru & CRO of Startup, Haawk.com

In this episode we bring the MSCLVR to the great outdoors again!  My good friend and fellow music lover, Ben Lister invites us to his beautiful backyard on a sunny, breezy afternoon in LA where we learn about Ben’s passion for odd instruments (which we feature live here) as well as his journey from a young music label guy at the beginning of the digital music revolution, his involvement in the launch of iTunes while at Warner Music, and of course the path that brought him from London to the US where he now resides with his lovely family.

Boy does Ben love music! Ben studied music at the University of Westminster in London and was savvy enough to turn an internship into full time gig as the Head of Digital Media at Warner Music Group in London back in the early 2000s. Luck would have it that, at this early stage of the mp3, Ben would be directly involved in the initial partnerships with Apple and subsequently the launch of iTunes!

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MSCLVR After Dark – 001- Despacito

MSCLVR After Dark #001 Despacito

In this episode I am joined by my friend, co-host, and MSCLVR producer – Tyler “the Hitman” Carey and we have a bit of fun in this episode discussing some new music, some of the today’s music news and we pretty much ran the gamut in this one ranging from Soundcloud’s latest financial lifeline to R. Kelly – yea – R Kells is in the news again – oh, and of course – Tyler graces us w/ his own interpretations of Despacito .

In between our obsession w/ Despacito we also talk about my friend Kim Viera’s new single “ Gold Lining” – it’s dope, you will be happy – go listen here : https://republic.lnk.to/KimVieraGoldLining .

Oh – and we are about get social (yea..revolutionary, right?) – follow us on Instagram @getMSCLVR .